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Restore Your Floors to Their Former Shine

Our mission is to provide top-quality floor stripping and waxing services to all of our clients. We believe that by offering high-quality services at affordable prices, we can build a strong and loyal customer base. Our team is composed of highly trained professionals who take great pride in their work. We specialize in a wide variety of floor care services, and we always make sure that our clients receive the best possible service. We’re committed to building relationships with our clients based on reliability, trust, and the consistently high standard of service we provide.

Star Shine Pro Cleaning LLC - Floor Care

Your facility flooring is exposed to a lot of wear and tear and is prone to wear and tear. The majority of flooring in your facility is protected by several thin layers of polyvinyl or wax finish. These thin layers provide a glossy reflective coating which can be buffed or buffed to enhance or restore the beauty of your flooring. The film may wear out over time, but you can still maintain the coating as well as the floor surface beneath to enhance the beauty of your hard flooring.

Star Shine Pro Cleaning, LLC’ professional hard flooring cleaning services can help you keep your flooring looking its best. Whether you’re only using our services once a quarter or would like to make these services part of your regular contract, we can help you with everything you need, whenever you need it!
Deep Cleaning Vinyl Floors, Tile Floors, and More



Commercial property owners should prioritize safety as a top priority, especially as it is a major liability issue. As your business expands and more customers come in, the wear and tear on your floors can lead to cracks, dents, and slippery surfaces that can cause serious injuries to your customers and staff.

Vacuuming or mopping floors is great for surface cleaning, but it’s not enough to keep floors clean. Your floors need regular maintenance to prevent damage. Your in-house cleaners can help with that, but professionals have more experience with floor care. That’s why it’s best to hire professional commercial floor waxers.


Your floors are the first thing customers notice when they enter your business. A sparkling clean floor creates an inviting atmosphere, while a dirty floor can deter potential customers. When your floors are poorly maintained, it sends a negative message to customers about your company. If a company doesn’t care about cleanliness, how does that reflect on its professionalism and customer service?

People tend to be less motivated when the environment is dirty. Your employees may feel uncomfortable working on floors that are constantly dirty, so the solution is to clean and wax your office floors on a regular basis.


Your commercial property is your investment, so it’s only natural that you want to extend its life. Waxing your floor is one of the best ways to do this. In the long term, it’ll protect your investment and save you money on repairs down the road.

Of course, waxing requires time, and it’ll be even more time-consuming if you have to strip your floors before waxing. The process can be disruptive to your business, but it’s worth it. You can schedule waxing on days when you’re closed or in between hours.

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