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We Use Only Eco-Friendly & Natural Cleaning Solutions
No mildew or odor from over-wetting or slow drying & Flexible scheduling.
Star Shine Pro Cleaning, LLC- Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet will be dry the same day & we use the latest most efficient equipment available in the industry.

We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all of our services.

At Star Shine Pro Cleaning, LLC we understand that every facility's carpet is different; therefore, we have the expertise in cleaning a variety of carpets.  Our staff provides professional carpet cleaning services in Grand Rapids Mi that will help retain the life of your carpet by removing everyday stains, such as liquid spills and food spills, along with the dirt & dust that builds up within the surface.  We use a variety of powerful tools that provide effective and efficient carpet cleaning, along with Eco-Friendly carpet cleaning detergents, for the best results possible.  Our specialists focus on high-traffic areas, where we see the most stains and blemishes.  It is our job and promise to make your carpets clean, refreshed, and healthy throughout the entire facility.  In addition, keeping a healthy carpet will not only provide your carpet a longer life span, but it will also provide your employees & clients a cleaner and healthier environment.


Dry Cleaning Service:

With the dry cleaning service, our professionals use a Eco-Friendly powder, which is non-toxic, to clean the carpets.  This process will remove any dirt, dust, and other residue from and within the carpet.  


Steam Cleaning Service:

With the steam cleaning service, our professionals use professional carpet cleaning equipment to provide your carpets a deep cleaning within the surface by inserting the Eco-Friendly detergent solution within the carpet & then extracting any dirt from within, which will remove stains from liquid or food spills.

Star Shine Pro Cleaning, LLC- Carpet Cleaning
Star Shine Pro Cleaning, LLC- Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Every business wants to make a good impression on clients because this is what runs the business & also impacts the success of the business.  Businesses can continue to leave excellent impressions on clients by simply keeping their commercial facilities well-maintained.  

There are various factors that come into the picture as companies are trying to maintain professional appearance of the commercial facilities at all times.   Cleanliness is an important method in every business & that is what is noticed immediately by the client as they walk through the door.  The simple fact of ensuring that all the windows are properly cleaned on a scheduled basis is an important factor because that is something that client will appreciate & acknowledge as professional & well maintained.  Another highly impactful method to commercial facilities is recognizing the condition of the carpets in all areas through the commercial facility, especially those high-traffic areas.  

What is Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Commercial carpet cleaning is a deep cleaning of the carpet that goes within the surface, not just on top as vacuuming would accomplish.  At Star Shine Pro Cleaning, LLC we use our professional carpet cleaning extractor, which is used with hot water, to remove dirt, dust, bacteria, stains, & other particles from and within the surface of the carpet.  

Importance of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The traffic that comes through your commercial facility is putting a lot of wear and tear on your carpet. Therefore, professional carpet cleaning is a method used to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet so that it will always look clean, regardless of the large amount of traffic coming through.  At Star Shine Pro Cleaning, LLC we ensure that our commercial carpet cleaning team will thoroughly clean your carpets throughout your entire facility, with the most professional solution & equipment.  

In addition, it is important to have a well-maintained & clean commercial carpet throughout your facility as it will also impact health factors.  As dirt, dust, bacteria, stains, & other particles pile up on the carpet; they eventually sink in within the carpet, meaning the vacuum cleaner cannot pick that up.  However, the carpet cleaning method will allow for this dirt, dust, bacteria, and other particles to be removed, providing your facility a healthier working environment.  

Improving the Life of your Commercial Carpet

With routine and professional commercial carpet cleaning of your facility, it will allow your carpets to have a longer lifespan & also longer & stronger durability; meaning, you don’t have to replace them as often.  Using Star Shine Pro Cleaning, LLC for your commercial carpet cleaning needs will provide you the cleanliness, as well as maintenance, of your commercial carpet, while at the same time save you the hassle & money on having to replace the carpet more than needed.    

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